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Does It Really Matter What I Believe?

Core Value One: The Gospel and What it’s Not Last week I mentioned how I’d read a lot of different blog posts and articles focused around the question “what is the gospel?” Surprisingly, one of my favorite articles was written by a man named Mark Thompson, the Principal of Moore College – an Anglican Theology School […]

Is the Gospel Really Good News?

Core Value One – The Gospel O.K. so I’ve spent a good part of the last week reading a lot of blog posts and articles focused on the question “What is the gospel?” Honestly, I didn’t realize there would be so many different perspectives and ideas on something that I thought was a pretty straight forward […]

What Does Jay Leno Have to Do With the Gospel?

One of my favorite things to watch over the years has been The Tonight Show with Jay Leno when Jay would venture out onto the streets to ask people questions about a particular subject that most everyone should know about – like animals, U.S. History, or citizenship. In one particular show in 2010, Jay asks high school […]

Do We Really Need More Churches?

Why More Churches? Over spring break a few months ago our family traveled down to Austin to spend time with some friends, check on the progress of our house, and enjoy the warmer Texas weather. I have to admit it’s amazing to get out of the car the first time after you’ve started your trip […]

Does God Love Cities More Than the Country?

Why Reach Cities? Several years ago I was watching Tim Keller, the founding pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City, give a talk at The Lausanne Congress on World Evangelism in Capetown, South Africa (https://vimeo.com/16949385). In the midst of his 16 minute talk on God’s Global Urban Mission he shared a light-hearted, yet poignant quote […]

Is the Church Just for Me?

Why the Name Renovate – Part III In our previous two blog posts we looked at several of the important factors that helped us arrive at the name Renovate Church Austin. Both the technical aspect and how the name connected to our own experience were hugely important pieces in this process and I encourage you to go […]

It’s Not Just About the Skinny Jeans…

Why the name Renovate – part II In our last blog post we looked at some of the key research that helped us choose the name Renovate Church Austin for our church plant. The research definitely helped us move forward from a “technical” standpoint, but there were several other important factors that went into shaping our final decision.

Why the name Renovate?

“So why did you choose the name Renovate for your church?” This is a question we get quite a bit from people when they hear about our church plant and want to know more about what we will be doing in Austin. “What does the name mean? Where did the name come from?”  All great […]

Why Do You Want to Go to Austin?

There we were on Saturday night at the conclusion of the Ohio Basketball Hall of Fame banquet talking to one of our friends and the inevitable question came up…“I know you’re moving from Indianapolis to Austin…WHY? Why would you want to leave an incredible church and a great position to go and plant a church? It seems […]

What We Hope to Accomplish

A few months ago, I was researching different churches from around the country who I think do ministry well and who are having a real impact in their communities. I always enjoy learning how these churches are structured, how they communicate their mission, vision, and values, and the overall “feel” of the church. I’ve been […]