What Kind Of Churches?

In preparation for our church planting vision for Austin, I’ve immersed myself in a lot of books over the past few months. The one I am working through right now is called CHURCH UNIQUE: HOW MISSIONAL LEADERS CAST VISION, CAPTURE CULTURE, AND CREATE MOVEMENT. Wow, all things I would want to do well! I’m going to regularly give my thoughts on key concepts from the book to begin to create a dialogue and a framework for the team of people who might be a part of this work as well as the people who could end up supporting the work through prayer, encouragement, and finances. My hope is that we would all continue to grow in our relationship with Christ and in our effectiveness in representing Him to the world. Here are some takeaways (and some key questions) from the forward and introduction:

1. “Uniqueness permeates God’s plan. From Galaxies to sandbanks, fossils to snowflakes, each element is unique. God’s unrivaled creation soars with originality. So do His Children. Each of us is a fresh version of His creativity. No two of us are identical. Elements of nature: UNIQUE. God’s Children: UNIQUE. Our Lord loves to do all things new. Why would we expect him to act differently with His church?” One of the biggest challenges in church planting is copying others and not doing the hard work of seeking God for what He uniquely wants to birth through the efforts. Will you pray for us that God will lead us and clearly reveal what is on His heart for the city and what He wants to accomplish through our lives and work?

a. What kind of church/churches does God want to uniquely raise up in Austin for His glory?
b. What expression does the city need that currently is not present? What could we uniquely add/contribute through our gifts/strengths/passions?
c. What will God’s unique thumbprint be for our churches?
d. What will be unique about our churches corporate grace and collective soul?
e. What will our churches be able to do that ten thousand others might not be able to? Who can we uniquely reach?

I look forward to taking this journey together!

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