Be the Church

In this series, Be the Church, we’re going to search the scriptures and discover the power, purpose, and importance of the local church.

We live in a culture today in which the local church is becoming more and more irrelevant. People aren’t committed to the local church. They don’t think they need the local church. “I can still be a christian and love God without going to church…or being a part of a church.” Secondly, the busyness of our lives has never made church less of a priority than it does today, yet the Church is Christ’s bride and what he died for. If Christ was willing to die for the Church, we should certainly be willing to live for Her. The local church is the physical representation, locally, of the greater Church as a whole, and the Biblical precedent for this is crystal clear. Join us, as we discover the true importance of the local church, which is where the movement of the Church as a whole, the Bride of Christ, is born and fostered.