Allan and Rachel Barnwell

Allan and Rachel Barnwell are two of the most instrumental leaders within the Renovate community and have been a part of the church from day one. Allan has vast expertise in video & technology and has helped Renovate build, maintain and utilize technology. He also has the distinction of attending the most Renovate services over the past 3 years. During the week, he works within the Marketing department of TM Television, a Dallas-based sales and integration company, serving the professional video industry. Rachel serves on the Guest Services team as well as on the Kids Ministry rotation, investing in our families. She has a passion to see new people connected with Christ & His Church and for the Church have excellence in what it does. During the week, you can find Rachel selling homes as a Realtor for Fletch Reality. Allan and Rachel have been married 18 years and have three children (Helen, Sam, and Joey). Allan loves watching and participating in sports, writing, fishing and art, while Rachel loves to exercise, travel and walk her dogs around Austin trails. The things they love most about Renovate are the authentic relationships and family atmosphere.