Dustin and Angela Marks

Dustin and Angela Marks have been a huge blessing to the Renovate community over the past several years and will now be leading our Catalyst High School Ministry. The Marks originally came to Renovate because it was the closest church to their home when they google mapped it, but have fallen in love with the Renovate people and vision. Dustin studied Business Finance at Texas State University and now runs his own construction and contracting company, Marks Builders. Angela has an extensive background in health and nutrition and earned her master’s degree in nutrition. She currently runs her own nutrition counseling business called Sweet & Wild Nutrition. The Marks have been married for four years and both love to travel! They recently returned from a year and a half of traveling the United States, Canada, and Europe in a self-built tiny van. Now settled in Cedar Park, they love raising chickens for fresh eggs, gardening, and cooking healthy, delicious meals together. They are also passionate about seeing young people find their identity in Christ. This was the time in their lives where they both came to meaningful faith and saw their lives changed through the investment of student leaders. They believe that young people go through significant personal challenges during high school as they try to figure out “who they are.” Youth also face significant peer and cultural pressure, and therefore, need their identity deeply rooted in Christ. Dustin and Angela’s passion is to lead and train students up in Christ through powerful, life-changing scripture that prepares them to navigate their challenges, and ultimately, live the life that Christ has called them to live. The thing Dustin and Angela love about Renovate is the close, intimate community. They’ve both been a part of mega churches where you feel surrounded but lost and lonely. They believe that life should not be lived alone, but in life-giving, meaningful relationships with others.