Renovate Photo and Video Policy

Our policy for using pictures or video:

1. During the course of services and events at Renovate Church, we often have a photographer or videographer present, whether a staff member or volunteer.  It's important to capture photos and videos of these experiences, in an effort to engage those who haven't been reached by a healthy, growing church. These photos and videos tell the Renovate story, showcase life at Renovate, both through the service of our volunteers and those attending, and give insight into what to expect during our services and events. Renovate values the way in which this media is used to further the Kingdom reach, both in the Austin area and around the world.

2. Unless permission has been granted, we will not post online a photo or a video with any full names or other identifying information (e.g., phone numbers, emails, addresses) except for church staff, officers and ministry leaders.

This includes tagging photos on Facebook, Instagram, and any other social media platforms.

3. We will only post photos or video for which we have a release on file for the minors featured in the photograph or video. Our photographers always seek to capture mainly the activities of the minor, not their faces or other identifying information such as nametags, etc.

4. We will only post photographs of minors after an event has occurred. For example, we may post a photo of a past youth event but will not post a child’s photo with the date and time of a future youth event.

5. We will not knowingly post anything that would be embarrassing, objectionable or hurtful to anyone in the photo.

6. We will gladly remove any photo or video immediately upon request. If you see a photo or video that includes you or your child and would like it removed from our website or Facebook, please contact the Communications Team at